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Our Story

When Elbee Home burst onto the scene with our bestselling 8-Piece Stack 'N Store Baking Set, we were pleasantly surprised by customer reactions. We have received hundreds of personal emails and messages thanking us for creating this revolutionary product.

Fellow ladies with small kitchens, newlyweds, and anybody that needs an organized cabinet are the people we had in mind when we worked on this nestable set.

No more cluttered drawers and cabinets, no more $100 sets to become a  baker, and no more sticky pans that take forever to clean. We're taking what customers love about Elbee and reapplying it all over the kitchen, with other innovative products that solve real problems we all face in the kitchen on a daily basis.

Our brand is all about saving space and providing value while never compromising on quality. We're ready to WOW our beloved customers with the innovative products we plan on releasing throughout 2021 and beyond.

We see you, we value your feedback, and we're excited to continue impressing you with awesome innovation all over your kitchen.

- Team Elbee